Another Collection of Short Essays

Another Collection of Short Essays

A collection of 36 short essays on this and that and other stuff. This work follows on from the previous collection, "A Collection of Short Essays". The subject material covers a diverse range of topics that are both general and topical and range from 9/11, through to the delusionals, the purchased children, and so on.

The complete list of essay titles:

9/11 - 7 Aspects That Cannot be Debunked

A Million Dead Bodies Per Week

Bring Back Hanging

Cocked and Loaded

Consciousness Out of Complexity


Democratic Dictatorship

Don't Piss Down My Back And Tell Me It's Raining

Enough is Enough

Everyone Prefers Their Own Race

Hands at 2 and 10 Please

Hanging Around

Head Space

Human Parasite

Inverted World

Know What You Are

Modern Day Slavery

Mutual Respect

Only the Now

Questions & Answers

Simulation or Real

Snowflake UK

Sustainable Capitalism

The Duckling, the Heron and BigG

The Purchased Children

The Rise of the Scottish Nationals

The True Meaning of Christmas

The Virtual Digital

Things that Niddle Me

Two Wheels

Until Death Do Us Part

Us and Them

Utopian Dream

Vanity Building

We Don't Belong

You'll Never Learn Younger

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Book Details

Published: September 2019

Number of Words: 82,000

Number of Pages: ~328 at 250 words/page for a standard fiction paperback