Rules of Law

Rules of Law

It can now be stated with a high degree of confidence that the UK legal system is not fit for purpose as it consistently fails to protect the innocent law abiding citizen. A significant majority of the British people have lost faith with their legal system and have complete contempt for this institution that they fund and allow themselves to be governed by. The UK's legal system is a sham much like the rest of it's other broken public sector services of the NHS, education, transportation, migration, ... A broken legal system for Broken Britain.

This book summaries 50 rules of how UK law is observed functioning, or should I say not functioning. From rules 1:Innocent until proven guilty, 2:Beyond reasonable doubt through to rules 49:The long term goal of the law is to incarcerate no one and 50:The law is an ass.

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Published: August 2023 ~ Last Updated: September 2023

Number of Pages: ~121 sized A4 / ~48,000 words