A Collection of Short Essays

A Collection of Short Essays

A collection of 36 short essays on this and that and other stuff. The subject material covers a diverse range of topics that are both general and topical and ranges from the foreign aid budget, through to free speech, the uselessness of sleep, and ending with work ethic.

The complete list of essay titles:

£476 / second

A Fart Is Not Art But A Fart Can Be Modern Art

A Will Must Be Free

Allahu Akbar

Brexit - The End of UK Democracy

Does a Noise Need an Ear?

Dolly the Folly

Down on the Farm


Fame - What's Your Name?

Free Speech


I Hate You

Lest We Forget

Life Givers

No Fat People Walked Out of Auschwitz

No Milk


Non-Persons II

Pipe Dreams

Replacement Rules

Rules of Law

Survival of the Fattest … Wallet

Taxed to Watch Television

The Anomaly

The Big Lie

The Cruelest Place Imaginable

The EU Fascist State

The Shallowest of Species

The Uselessness of Sleep

Things Are Never What They Seem

Wasteful Thoughts

We Are So Stupid

Who wad ha thoct it

Why Doesn't Everyone in the EU Speak the Same Language?

Work Ethic

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Book Details

Published: May 2019

Number of Words: 101,000

Number of Pages: ~404 at 250 words/page for a standard fiction paperback