9th of November

9th of November

On the 9th of November the UK's key landmarks are targeted by terrorists. Who are these terrorists and what is their objective? Are they the work of a lone wolf, a patsy, an organised group or something else entirely? Can they be stopped? Why are these landmarks selected? So many questions. So much corruption. So little time …

tick-tock, tick-tock goes the clock

do not cry

do not weep

for society long lost

soon a deadly wind will sweep

a wind to stand time still

a wind to make you feel quite ill

be brave and have no fear

the end is near

tick tock goes the clock

boom boom goes the bomb

all is too late

nice uncle Tom has sealed your fate

tick-tock, tick-tock - no one can stop the clock

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Book Details

Published: September 2017

Number of Words: 50,000

Number of Pages: ~200 at 250 words/page for a standard fiction paperback